StrideDeck Skating Treadmill

Put scientific accuracy into your hockey training.

With StrideDeck, there’s no guesswork.  Monitor yourself during dryland training sessions and throughout the hockey season.  Whether you are seeking higher performance or recovering from an injury, you can measure, compare and chart your progress.

Bluetooth technology connects wirelessly to the smartphone app measuring the length, speed and power of each stride from each of your feet individually pinpointing the weak and neglected areas of your training.

Create the optimum progression of speed and power and bring measurable results into your training with the StrideDeck skating treadmill.

Measure each leg individually.

Is your performance lop-sided?  There’s only one way to find out: measure.  With our StrideDECK monitor you can track your overall progress as well as the result from both your left and right legs and feet.


  • PORTABLE: StrideDeck collapses into 4 individual segments making it easy to pack up and setup anywhere you like.  Gripping floor mats are included for scenarios where things might slide around.
  • ACCURATE:  using the latest Bluetooth technology StrideDECK interfaces with your smartphone giving you real-time feedback on your performance and even allows you to store your results for later viewing.
  • TRAIN IN THE OFF-SEASON:  Why stop when everyone else does?  Stay on your game throughout the year and never miss a beat when you get back on the ice.

$100 down to reserve yours

The first batch of units will ship Nov 29 2015.  The remainder of the price ($399 +taxes and $50 shipping) will be due before your StrideDeck is shipped to you.  A Paypal invoice will be sent to you for completion of the final payment.

$599 $499 limited time

+$50 shipping (+tax)

Your $100 deposit secures your order for one StrideDeck™ Skating Treadmill when it is released at the end of November 2015.

DIMENSIONS:  Each panel is approximately. 19″ wide x 20″ long and weighs 7 pounds. StrideDeck™  is fully protected by four U.S. patents: 7,470,219; 7,686,741; 7,819,780; and 7,922,626.  You can ONLY purchase the StrideDeck™ Mountain Climber here at this site or at qualified fitness and weightloss vendors registered by StrideDeck Inc. “StrideDeck is the registered trademark of Cadmar Holding Limited and all other registered marks are the properties of the respective owners and Cadmar Holding Limited acknowledges their rights.”